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Ready Player One

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
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In the year 2044, Columbus, Ohio is the technological capital of the country, most of the population lives in ghettos of double-wide trailers stacked one on top of the next and, most improbably, SNL is still on the air.

In his debut novel, Ernest Cline has managed to [re]create two impressively rich worlds - that of America in 2044, where debtors are deloused and shipped off for a life of indentured corporate servitude, and the America of the 1980s, in all of her 8-bit, gull-winged glory.

Although this book reads like YA lit, I’m giving it +1 star for heart. It’s not often that I’ll read 200 pages in one sitting. You’re rooting for Wade Watts, but you’re also rooting for Ernest Cline, who brings geekitutde to a rocking new level. I am not worthy, Sir. My only criticism: really? Not a single reference to The Never Ending Story?

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8 November 2011 ·

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